Welcome to the Water and Sanitation Investors Conference (WASIC) 2024

The conference is aimed at encouraging candid debate and promoting business partnership and financing towards sustainable access to water and sanitation services for all Kenyans. The overarching theme for the conference is "Accelerating Investments for Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation for All". The Conference further aligns with the Kenya Government Agenda aimed at increasing the level of Public-Private Partnerships, within the Water Sector.
5th March 2024 Exhibitions Setup & Badge Collection
6th- 8th March 2024 Conference, Exhibition and Side Events
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Why You Should Attend the Conference

Attending the conference offers transformative insights into the latest trends and best practices driving sustainable water management and improved sanitation infrastructure in Kenya.It provides a unique networking opportunity to connect with industry leaders, policymakers, and potential partners. By participating, you contribute to driving positive change, promoting sustainable solutions, and making a significant impact on water and sanitation improvement in the country. Register now

Host Speakers

CS Water Sanitation and irrigation, WASIC-2024 Conference

Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation

Ps Julius Korir ,State Departments for Water and Sanitation

Principal Secretary, State 

Department of Water and Sanitation, MWSI

Ps Ephantus Kimotho,State Department of irrigation

Principal Secretary, State 

Department of Irrigation, MWSI


Chairperson CoG and 

Governor County Government of Kirinyaga

Deputy ChairPerson CoG and 

Governor County 

Government of Wajir

Dr Erick Rutto

Chairman, Board of Trustees, 

Water Sector Trust Fund

Chief Executive Officer, 

Water Sector Trust Fund


Chairperson ,Water Committee, 

CoG and Governor 

County Government

 of Taita-Taveta


Chief Executive Officer 

– CoG

Conference Themes

Overall Conference Theme: Accelerating Investments for Sustainable Access to Water and Sanitation for All

Join us in Nairobi for the WASIC 2024 and dive into a world of lucrative opportunities with real social impact.

The Conference will involve and attract stakeholders and participants from Governmental Institutions, Foreign Missions, Development Partners, Financing Institutions, National and International Investors, Private Sector and the Business Community, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research and Academic Institutions, and other state and non-state water and sanitation actors- and affiliates.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Kenya's water and sanitation revolution. Your investments will go beyond financial gains; they will make a real difference in the lives of millions. Help empower communities to increase access to water and sanitation towards realisation of Vision 2030. Together, we can build a water-secure and sustainable future for Kenya and beyond.

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Delegates will have access to enriching keynotes, engaging panel discussions, and valuable networking sessions.

KES 50,000


Exhibitors can showcase their innovative solutions, gain prominence in the industry, and forge connections with potential investors and collaborators.

Please note that all submissions are subject to approval by our selection committee

Convenor Session

We invite you to lead Convenor Sessions, where you can shape crucial conversations.

Please note that all Convenor Session submissions are subject to approval by our selection committee

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